Membership has its priviledges


Enchanted Mesa is an audition-only chorus that is actively seeking new members.  Because we want to help everyone succeed in joining our chorus, we have a process to ensure a high probability of success.

The first step is to visit our rehearsal.  It is helpful to let someone know you are coming so we can be prepared to welcome you.  At your first visit, you will have a brief, private evaluation to see what part you might be most suited to sing.  There will be a small amount of paperwork to help us know who you are and how to contact you as you continue in the process.  You will be given chorus music to use during each rehearsal and be placed near others who are singing your part so you can sing along!

After your first rehearsal, if you decide you would like to continue, you will be given the audition music to practice, as well as learning tracks.  There are two audition songs, and your section leader will be available as needed to provide any private help in learning the songs.   You may also be assigned a mentor to help you navigate the social and logistical aspects of chorus life.  This mentor will continue to support you through the first year of membership.  The membership team will also be there to walk you through the process every step of the way.   They will be your primary contact in setting up auditions, helping with paperwork, providing music, and any other needs. You will be encouraged to continue coming to rehearsals for as long as you need before you are ready to audition.  You will be given opportunities to do practice auditions to help you become comfortable with the process. 

The audition itself will be in front of the director, your section leader, and possibly some other members of the music team.  You will have someone from each of the other parts singing with you in a quartet.  It will be a positive and encouraging experience, and if for any reason don't do well because of nerves or other factors, you can try again in the next week or so after your section leader helps you work out any problem area.  We want you to succeed!

After you have passed your audition, there is some administrative work that will need to be done, so it may be a couple of weeks before you are officially a member.  Once that is completed, there will be costumes, shows, lots of singing and fun as you become our newest member!  

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